Germany Inaccurate Traffic Safety Statistics

Just to make a long story short, I have had been cycling in Germany for a short time and in the small villages as well as bigger cities I find that many motorists tend to be exceeding the speed limits sometimes by more than the posted speed limit. Also I have seen many motorists running red lights here in Germany. One of the biggest differences compared to the U.S. is that unlike American police officers patrolling the streets with radars and lasers, in Germany the have permanent “Blitzkasten” or lightning box which is a large box with a camera that takes a snapshot of the speeding cars. The problem with that is that unless you’re a visitor, everyone knows where these speed traps are located. So to overcome that  the do on occasion set up a mobile Blitzkasten at different locations, but then the public calls in to their favorite radio station, and they announce over the radio where the new speed traps are located. I have also found out from a colleague that they have applications for the smart phones which also warn motorists when approaching the speed traps. Where is the logic in this system?

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