Inaccurate Traffic Statistics

I still have to get additional data and write my opinions regarding driving standards in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Photography by Winterpacht

Hi, I’ve resided in Germany for over a half decade and one thing that I find to cause the safety data to be inaccurate is the lack of proper traffic protection. Having been a pedestrian and cyclist during my stay, I have encountered numerous times when drivers simply disregarded the safety for pedestrians, cyclists and especially children. Example, with marked pedestrian crosswalks just when getting ready to start crossing a road or intersection I found many drivers speeding ahead to try and beat me to the crosswalk so that they wouldn’t need to stop, even if the I was ready to start crossing. There are many motorists which still stop or even hit the brakes hard to stop, but still it’s those that disrespect the safety of others that cause a great concern. Another thing that is very dangerous are the roundabout intersections. They  have already existed in the early…

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